Character Strong

The belief of Character Strong is that education should help to create young people who are not only competent in math, science, and reading – but also students who are compassionate, empathetic, and kind. Our character, like any other muscle in our body, can get stronger with intentional, consistent practice. Most people fundamentally want to BE good, but not all of us know how to DO good. CharacterStrong helps our students forge meaningful relationships, build positive community, focus on social-emotional learning, and develop character.

Character Strong
Courage K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Courage K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Courage G3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Courage G3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf

 Character Strong Respect K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Respect K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Respect G3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Respect G3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf 
 Character Strong
Gratitude K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Gratitude K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Gratitude G3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Gratitude G3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf

 Character Strong Kindness K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Kindness K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf 
Kindness G3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Kindness G3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
 Character Strong
Perseverance K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Perseverance K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Perseverance G3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Perseverance G3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf 
 Character Strong Cooperation K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Cooperation K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Cooperation 3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Cooperation 3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Cooperation K-2 Lessons.pdf
Cooperation 3-5 Lessons.pdf
 Character Strong Creativity K-2 Family Letter.pdf
Creativity K-2 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Creativity 3-5 Family Letter.pdf
Creativity 3-5 Family Letter Spanish.pdf
Creativity K-2 Lessons.pdf
Creativity 3-5 Lessons.pdf