Online HIB Training

Online HIB Training
Online HIB Training

Giving our children the best education possible is an investment in the strong future of our community and nation. Thank you for recognizing this need and reaching out to help. As a member of our volunteer team, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with other volunteers and staff at your school. These relationships are invaluable as we work together - we're glad you're here!

The following are needed to complete the Volunteer Application:
-Volunteer Application (Below)
-Volunteer Handbook Acknowledgment (Below on the final page of the handbook)
-Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Training (Access Online Training HERE)

Forms and Resources

  • Volunteer Application - Must complete and submit for clearance prior to volunteering. All applicable policies must be reviewed and current COVID-19 vaccination provided in the clearance process.  Once the clearance is complete, verification is returned to the school(s) for their records. Specific volunteer arrangements should be made through the school(s) directly. 

  • Volunteer Driver - Must complete and submit for driver clearance PRIOR to parent-driver field trips. Volunteer drivers are utilized upon teacher request only and all requested items including current abstract and insurance information must be submitted. (Please note: Online driver abstracts are NOT acceptable unless prior approval from Volunteer Liaison to ensure correct format is requested from DMV.)

  • Volunteer Handbook - Guidelines and information for volunteers.